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"Life is far too short to dream only with your eyes closed."

HAUNTING: The Dusty Chronicles - Book One

How far would you go to protect the man in your dreams?

When fifteen-year-old, Dusty Vermeer, moves to rural Iowa with her dad and sister at the start of her sophomore year, she undergoes major life changes – a new school, new friends, and a popular new boyfriend. But she soon discovers all is not what it appears to be. When Jack Olson, a handsome young soldier, begins to invade her dreams each night, she bears witness to the horrors of war and must determine what is real and what is just a dream. When Jack finally steps out of her dreams in ghostly form, begging for help and struggling to remember his life, Dusty makes it her mission to solve the mystery behind his death. As she draws closer to the truth, she places her own life at risk while struggling to cope with the feelings she develops for the soldier who’s been dead for nearly 60 years.

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IMPRINT: The Dusty Chronicles - Book Two

Evil keeps them apart. Death brings them together.

A follow-up to “Haunting”, BJ Sheldon takes Dusty and Jack on a frightening adventure, guiding them through the next stage of their doomed romance.

16-year-old Dusty Vermeer starts off another school year as Mark Schutt’s girlfriend while she continues to hide her feelings for Jack Olson, the ghost who still haunts her heart. New entities begin to make an appearance, causing her to wonder if seeing ghosts has become a permanent part of her future. But tragic past events are about to resurface and imprint themselves in Dusty’s world. Her dreams take a terrifying turn, stepping in to her reality, shaking her entire existence. When Jack is ripped from her arms and vanishes from her life, his absence is more than she can bear.

As she tries to move past it all and live a normal life, a relationship grows complicated when a new enemy gets in the way. Things escalate, and Dusty’s friends and family start to question her health…and sanity. When she aims to discover what it is that’s hiding in the shadows, she must turn to her family to defeat the darkness that’s gripped them all in fear. Dusty must battle darkness, accept her ultimate fate, and grieve for a love she was never allowed to keep.


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INEVITABLE: The Dusty Chronicles - Book Three

What would you sacrifice in the name of love?

Inevitable is the final installment of the “Dusty Chronicles,” which includes author BJ Sheldon’s award-winning novel Haunting and its compelling sequel Imprint.

Seventeen-year-old Dusty Vermeer wonders how much loss one person can take. She dreams of a normal life, but grief and fear have put her future on hold.

Jack vows to stay away in an effort to keep Dusty safe from the vengeful shadows that seem determined to punish them for their forbidden romance, but his absence does nothing to stop the shadows from unleashing a reign of terror. To make matters worse, a new kid arrives in town and begins making life a living hell for anyone who gets in his way, including the people Dusty cares about—and those whom she must learn to forgive.

The shadows sweep Dusty into a living nightmare where she must fight for her life—and her soul. In the end, the only way she can survive is to cling to her belief that love really can conquer all.